Request for membership

  • Company name or Name and Surname
  • - They declare, assuming full responsibility for what is undersigned, to have read and accepted and respected the statutory provisions and internal regulations in force.
    - They acknowledge that the above documents are displayed on the Association's bulletin board and can be freely consulted by all members.
    - They acknowledge, by signing this document, that a photocopy of the same has been delivered to them at the time of submitting this application for admission.
    - They undertake to pay the annual membership fee as established by the Board of Directors;
    IBAN code IT23J0538713325000042062002 – at UBI BANCA Tavullia bank branch

  • In the case of a company or entity, specify the data of the legal representative who is delegated to represent the same in all relations with the Association.
  • Furthermore, in the case of admission as a member, the receipt of the information on the back of this document is acknowledged pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13-14, EU Reg. 2016/679.

    the use of the personal data provided above or to be provided in the future as part of the membership by the undersigned as a member for the associative purposes and the initiatives that the Association will undertake within the scope of the purposes themselves is authorized;

    the photograph and / or filming of the undersigned / minor is authorized, carried out solely for institutional purposes, during the carrying out of the activities and / or events organized by the Association

    they consent to the Association, free of charge, the use of photographic images or audio-visual images portrayed by the association and / or by subjects appointed by the same of the undersigned / minor and I authorize them to use and disseminate them freely by any means, for institutional purposes as well as for information and promotion activities, including commercial ones, such as through the inclusion of the same on the association's website or social network and / or calendars, postcards, posters, flyers and the like, other web pages or other social networks, positioned in public and highly visible places, exposed to the public and disseminated on the web and / or any other material that may be disseminated and distributed in paper or multimedia form and disseminated on the web in Italy and abroad.
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